Assessment Process

Your EVA experience begins with an extensive consultation process and examination. Prior to assembling a care plan, it is essential that we understand your goals. During your first visit, we will review your medical history for indications of lifestyle choices that could be altered to improve your venous health. Other pertinent medical history—such as pregnancy, family history, physical activity, travel, injury, and current medications—will also be discussed to establish an accurate picture of your overall health. Ascertaining this baseline is an integral part of determining the best treatment schedule. Also included in the initial visit is a thorough physical examination using the latest ultrasound techniques, including colour and power Doppler imaging. Ultrasound assists with decoding the pattern of blood flow within your legs to help diagnose the problem. We may also use other techniques—such as narrow-spectrum polarized lights, infrared and vein lights under magnification—to identify the best locations for intervention. Following the assessment, we will formulate a treatment plan and discuss the options, recovery time, and associated fees with you.

We Employ the Latest Techniques and Concepts

Venous disease is a very complicated area of medical care. Symptoms or vein abnormalities such as: spider veins, reticular veins, swelling of the ankles, and large varicose veins may indicate chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and venous valve dysfunction. Prior to diagnosing your condition and formulating a personalized treatment schedule, we must evaluate and thoroughly map your superficial and deep venous systems using detailed ultrasound.


The EVA team is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their goals. Before commencing treatment, we initiate a comprehensive consultation process to review your medical history, listen to your concerns, assess your current venous health, and inform you about the variety of treatments available at EVA. Following the consult, we develop a personalized treatment plan to address your unique requirements. We have an array of traditional and leading-edge therapies at our disposal. Many vein clinics advertise techniques and procedures as ‘cure-all’ treatments; in reality, depending on the severity of your condition, several different therapies may need to be incorporated into your treatment plan. Every individual is different, understanding the mechanics of your particular condition is central to solving the problem of returning veins, and symptoms.

To schedule your first appointment, please call: 1.844.382.8346


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To schedule your first appointment, please call: 1.844.382.8346

To schedule your first appointment, please call: 1.844.382.8346

To schedule your first appointment, please call: 1.844.382.8346